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Anuva Cosmeceutic Haircare has created the first integrated anti-aging hair care range of products for use by the salon and spa professional to inhibit the effects of the aging process on a person's head of hair.

The Anuva™ range concentrates on both hair care and hair growth. The product line emphasizes the treatment of the scalp to promote healthy hair follicle life while also treating the hair to create a healthy, vibrant head of hair.


Product Line Features

White tea - a potent anti-oxidant, to reduce oxidative stress

UV filters- to neutralize the effects of scalp damaging and color fading
UVA/UVB rays

Reishi Mushroom extracts - to help the scalp rebuild its natural defenses

Phyto-estrogens - to remove dihydrotestosterone (dht) traces from the skin
and rebalance and tone the scalp