hair nourishing complex™

helps you maintain optimal scalp conditions by delivering essential micronutrients and enhancing the scalp's immune system. To take advantage of its UV filter, use the hair nourishing complex™ in the morning. It's as essential as brushing your teeth, and probably easier.

For both men and women.

hair nourishing complex™ creates the optimal scalp condition essential for sustaining longer hair follicle life. This formula is created from a complex of amino acids, polypeptides, hydrolyzed keratin and minerals, which are the building blocks necessary for healthy hair growth. A broad-spectrum UV sunscreen has been used to absorb harmful rays and protect the scalp from cellular damage affecting hair growth. Mushroom extracts strengthen the scalp's immune system while estrogenic botanical extracts neutralize excessive DHT found in the scalp and sebum.

Key Ingredients

Complex amino acids - polypeptides, hydrolyzed keratin and minerals, the
building blocks necessary for healthy hair growth

A tissue respiratory factor (TRF) facilitates the delivery and uptake of
these essential ingredients by promoting increased uptake of oxygen
by thecell and the increased circulation of the blood to feed the cells
making up the hair follicle

Turkey Tail Mushroom known for its cellular immune enhancing properties
and Reishi Mushroom which draws toxins from the scalp and is recognized
for its anti-inflammatory properties

Estrogenic botanical extracts (alfalfa, pueraria thunbergiana root and stevia
rebaudiana) function to neutralize any excess DHT

A weightless, transparent UVA/UVB chemical sunscreen absorbs the
harmful rays of the sun


Apply one dropper directly to wet or dry scalp each morning, work in with
fingers, do not rinse

If using both complexes, first apply the scalp vitalizing complex™,
let absorb for several seconds, then apply the hair nourishing complex™