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What is cosmeceutical haircare?
I color my hair. Do Anuva products protect my color?
How does Anuva care for my scalp-and why is this important?
Hair loss runs in my family, and a high-stress lifestyle means my hair is even
more at risk. Can I do anything to keep my hair from thinning?
Lately I'm seeing a lot of hair on my pillow and in the drain. What should I do?
Are Anuva products tested on animals?

Q: What is cosmeceutical haircare?

A: Cosmeceutical haircare contains functional ingredients designed to treat the signs of aging of the hair and scalp. Thinning hair. Brittle hair. Dull hair. Dry hair. While traditional haircare tries to remedy these individual symptoms, Anuva identifies and treats their causes. Our scientific approach lets us understand the role played by all factors in the aging process, both intrinsic and environmental. Based on this understanding, we choose ingredients for their specific abilities to protect and heal.