anuva, a cosmeceutic haircare company

There was a time when health and beauty were ideals so distinct that you went to a doctor for one and a salon for the other. Medicine or cosmetics - those were your choices.

Now, science is blurring these boundaries, combining high concentrations of functional ingredients and efficient delivery systems to create products that address the chemical and biological processes underlying health and appearance.

Anuva brings this cosmeceutical perspective to haircare. Our treatment ingredients promote hair growth and improve hair nutrition through targeted interventions in the aging process. Anuva's product line offers an integrated way for you to care for your hair's immediate needs while repairing its past and protecting its future.

Anuva products credit their effectiveness to the art of beauty and the science of health. Take a look at the complete line, you'll find innovations that fit perfectly with the smart choices you're making every day.